About us

We are a design-driven handmade jewelry making studio.

Shut the door, open the window, forget any trifles, careful, patient, the day-to-day production is like writing a love poem.

Compared with people who are in a hurry, craftsmen are more like living life, living a slow life, living in the past, living in poetry and distant places, and refusing to live in the present. In a lifetime, we always have to let some kind of obsessions push forward, so we can be willing to listen to our inner arrangements and focus on doing something special. At least it’s worthy of the years, and the rest will be left to time.


Operating for over 5 years


handmade products


Customer rating

“Good quality, engraving turned out really cute.”

~ Avery

We’re a small six-persons studio, but we will surely bear “Awesome products quality and customers satisfactions come first” to serve our customers. You will feel zero worries shopping with us, cause we’re always on your back. So nice to meet you here!

– Magen


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